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Bell Tower repair project 2011

Between May and November 2011 urgent repairs have been carried to the eroded brickwork and failed flat roofs of the Bell Tower, to stop rain getting inside. Some of us went up the scaffolding on 15 July to see the eroded bricks being replaced.

During this time the Memorial Bells have being restored and the belfry staircase made safe for visitors. Lights have been added to illuminate some of the names on the bells, and lots of work is being done to find out more about the 200 men whose names are on the bells and create a website and exhibition about them.

The bells have been lowered to the belfry floor, one beam at a time, removed from the beam, then cleaned and re-enameled. The finished bells have been fitted back to the beam with new insulators and bolts, then raised back into place. The clavier and clappers were restored at Gillett & Johnston's workshops - where the bells were made - and the whole mechanism has been re-assembled with new wires.

An Open Day to celebrate the completion of the work, including the rededication of the bells as a war memorial, will take place on Saturday 19 November - all welcome.

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