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Thoughts from the Pastor
I love the way that the days are growing lighter and
brighter as Easter draws near. In the country side
cowslips are flowering in the banks of the deep
Devon lanes close to where my wife Debbie's ashes
will be buried in hope of her resurrection day.
In Romans Paul describes the way God's promise of
new hope is for all creation. He said 'All creation is
straining on tip toe just to see God's children come
into their own.' Romans 8 vs 19. Therefore the promise
and the hope of salvation in Christian Faith isn't
a purely individualistic thing but embraces all of
Our small blue planet is incredibly old and durable
but we are all guilty of taking it for granted. We
know that human activity is contributing to climate
change. It is happening at a speed which is faster
than many of the creatures we share this planet with
can keep up with. This is one of the reasons we need
to watch what policy makers are doing because reducing
global warming doesn't have an immediate
payback, though it will change the world our children
and grandchildren will live in.
I do hope you will join us on Maundy Thursday
evening at 7.30, Good Friday morning at 10.30 and
Easter Sunday at 10.30 when I anticipate we will be
witnessing the baptism of Paul Cunningham as we
celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.
Your friend and Pastor


Rev Mark Janes



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